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Loving Life

About Soul Art Yoga

At Soul Art Yoga we are dedicated to delivering quality tuition and services, classes and workshops to you. Our mission is to share knowledge and help individuals to reach their potential in life. 

We hope that by working with individuals and groups & bringing self awareness and mindfulness into peoples lives, that we can contribute towards a better community, and hopefully a better world....

It is important for us at Soul Art Yoga, that classes and workshops are made available for everyone.

​Bringing yoga and healthy lifestyle options in the most creative way possible to you and the wider community is always our goal.


About Elisa

 Elisa Kavanagh is the Director  of Soul Art Yoga.

She has dedicated her life to exploring Spirituality, Creativity and Yoga. Her skills are wide and varied..having worked in and studied Art, Music, Healing, Spirituality & Yoga as well as, Video production, Sound engineering, Sculpture & Film & Art Education. She has worked professionally as a singer, performing, recording and teaching. She has trained as a Reiki master and studied Dream interpretation and Healing. Currently teaching Yoga to all ages, specialising in working with Teens through Yoga, meditation & Mindfulness.

Liz provides classes, workshops, private healings and commisioned paintings.


"Life is a constant adventure, forever changing...and it is never too late to start something new, change direction completely and follow your dreams"



Sharing the Knowledge..sharing the Light

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