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If you have not been to any of my classes before, then please register details below  so we can start our journey together!
Soul Hugs 
A series of wellbeing events

...Details of the Second of our soul sessions coming soon.......

Come join me at the first of  my Soul  Sessions Series

This is a wellbeing event.

A safe cosy space to snuggle down and restore body mind & soul
Gentle restorative movement and breathing to release blockages
Guided relaxation & visualisation, taking you on a blissful wellness journey
Bathe in Soothing light vibrations to help release trauma & stress 
A huge hug for the soul & heaps of loving kindness just for you. 

Bring a yoga mat if you have one, blanket, pillow, comfortable clothing and anything you need to feel cosy. 

15 euros suggested donation.

Places are limited . Tickets must be bought up front and are non refundable. 


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