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Art;  painting, installations, photography

video and Sound

​The mediums of video and sound have always intrigued me. I am interested in creating installations that evoke emotions, memories, connections, feelings and beauty. Creating atmospheres with sound and light and video pieces that capture (almost) lost moments in time. Slowing time, speeding up time, these are all subjects i love to explore, along with the subject of art as a medium for  healing and transformation  (The subject of my Thesis).

Soul Paintings

We are all beings of Light, purity and Perfection. Sometimes we forget this.

My Soul Paintings are a way of helping you reconnect with that part of you that is free of negativity. The paintings are a representation of your soul as it appears in the ether, in all its magnificence and glory. The paintings are commision based and are channelled works i.e. the image and colours are channelled through me in a process which involves meditation and painting. That way each piece is completely individual and unique, offering healing, comfort and a feeling of connection for the owner.  I can also do paintings for couples and for families. Please get in touch for more info.

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