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Reconnecting with the self...realising your full potential......with healing & meditation
Energy healing

​​We are made of energy, life force, flowing through us and within us all of our lives. We take such care of our bodies, yet not so much for the energy within and around us.  There are many ways we can take of our, exercise, thought along with the multitude of therapies and healings that are available to us these days.

At Soul Art Yoga our mission is to help you heal the past and move on. Change old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you and create the life you want.

Through energy healing, cutting the ties, regression, past lives healing, soul retrieval, aura cleansing and psychic clearing, we aim to empower you to take control of your life and start realising your dreams and your true self.

I did my Reiki training, with a wonderful teacher Ani  Dolma Lhamo who is an inspiration and very dear friend. I have also been fortunate enough to study with  Dream interpretor expert and healer George Rhatigan.  Private healings and workshops in the above areas can be arranged. Please get in touch to find out  more or  to book an appointment.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is a fascinating subject. We all dream, sometimes we remember, sometimes we do not. One thing is for sure, there is something deep and mysterious going on when we dream and I like to explore what that is.

Our dreams can tell us many things to help  us heal and improve and develop ourselves. We can learn about our health,  relationships, career, spirituality and lots more...within the layers of our dreams.

I have spent many years studying dream interpretation with George Rhatigan, author of 'Dreams, the secret language of the Soul'. And to him i owe much gratitude, for opening up a new & interesting  world for me​.

Offering workshops in dream interpretation &  private healings in dream therapy.


​Meditation is an ancient practice, which is about stilling the mind. As we go about our lives, our minds are constantly racing, thinking about the past, the future..we are very rarely fully present in the moment. Meditation teaches us to stop all of these thoughts and be fully present. As a practicing Buddhist, meditation is part of my everyday life. It brings calm and clarity and a deeper understanding of who we are.  If you would like more information on classes or if you wish to  book a workshop for a group..please click the Link below...we'll be happy to discuss options and ideas with you!

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Interested in booking a healing, class or workshop?  Lets Talk.​


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