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​SoulArtYoga provides fun, active & creative yoga classes for Teenagers in which they learn Yoga Asanas, Meditation & mindfulness skills.
Throughout the classes the students develop a positive Body image. They become more confident in themselves. Learning to move the
body they become more free. Through practice of yoga and meditation their attitude to health, their bodies & life, changes to become more positive. 

The classes are safe and fun & all yoga is taught in the Iyengar way, which is extremely safe and precise. In this way they learn how to develop a yoga practice themselves and they learn about discipline & commitment.
With yoga they are learning a skill for life...something they can practice all the way to old age.
The health benefits of yoga are endless...but for teens most importantly, it supports this stage of growth. It helps with posture, preventing future problems with knees, backs etc. It balances the hormonal system, helping with mood swings & coping with different emotions. It makes the mind become alert and strong, helping with decision making, studying. It brings about self awareness, as the students become more in tune about what is good or bad for them.  It will help them physically, by developing strength & flexibility. If they are already active in sports, yoga will help to reduce injuries and improve performance. Through Meditation and breathing techniques the students learn to cope better with stress and disturbed emotions. 

You can expect lots of group and partner work ...which helps build confidence, trust, friendship & because its just more Fun!

See what classes are currently running on our classes page.


Yoga, Resilience and Wellbeing for Teens.

Wellbeing For Schools 


Soul Art Yoga currently provides programmes  for schools, as part of the physical education module, as an after school programme, or as part of the Transition year syllabus.

We currently offering our services as a consultant to schools, assisting with the implementation of the new Junior certificate Wellbeing programme. 

As an educator, Liz  has lots of experience working within schools and is  up to date with the new junior cert cycle and wellbeing requirements. 

A typical course runs for 6-8 weeks or whatever your requirements are.

Each class lasts 60/90mins. In our Yoga and Resilience for teens course we  cover yoga practice, Pranayama (the art of breathing), meditation & relaxation techniques. 

The course focuses on learning ways to manage anxiety and stress and how to cope with changing moods & emotions. Students usually find that they have more concentration in class, that they can cope with their study load easier and that they generally feel more upbeat, motivated and calm.

Because there are lots of partner and group activities, class bonding issues can often be resolved after the course too! 

Get in touch and see how we can help !



"The minute I walked in the door of my first class, i was greeted with warmth, enthusiasm and the most amazing aroma. Liz is a brilliant teacher. I leave the building after every class with such inner peace, feeling open, accepting and ready to face any challenge" Student age 15

" 5 years of constant practice has helped  massively to transform  me into a positive, injury free, well balanced and really accepting person. I can't wait to carry my practice through life. Yoga truly is a rock that I can't live without now'"

Male student age 18

"Practicing Yoga over the course of the last few years with Liz has made me much more aware  of my mind and my body. I can understand my moods and I'm now better able to cope with them through meditation and yoga. I've learned  to treat my body with the care it deserves and being mindful in my thoughts and actions has brought focus and stability in my life. Liz is a wonderful and encouraging teacher, who is very tuned in to her students. I love the class and hate to miss a week!"  

Female Student age 17

"Yoga with Liz is magical. It helps me de stress no matter what kind of day I've had"

Student Age 15  

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If you have any questions about the above, or need to talk to can contact me direct on the form attached to this page....

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